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They Can't Take Your Name

They Can't Take Your Name
Published by Crooked Lane Books
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They Can't Take Your Name is a crime novel in the traditions of Ellison, Baldwin, Mosley and Attica Locke with themes of race, romance and injustice.

A Broken-Hearted Man

Eli Stone dreamed of growing old with his wife, but now that she’s gone he wants to live as if she never died. To survive, he’s renovating an old jazz club and living underground out of fear of the man that murdered his childhood mentor. When Liza walks through the door, she interrupts his grief and ultimately, his plan to join his wife in death.

A Desperate Daughter

Liza dreamed of a life of music and song, but she left Juilliard for law school when her father was convicted of the gruesome Mother's Day Massacre. After dedicating her life to securing his freedom, she's close to succeeding, when the Governor--at the prodding of a crooked detective--announces that Langston will be put to death in thirty days.

A Wrongfully Convicted Father

Langston is an innocent man, and he’s run out of time and options for clearing his name. As he prepares for his death, he dreams of freedom, for his daughter.

In They Can't Take Your Name, discover what happens to a dream deferred and the deferred dream that imprisons us all.

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