robert Justice

Novelist by night...Justice does not sleep.


With our words, we writers point out, expose and reveal the uncomfortable; overlooked, yet obvious truths of our society.

My whole life I've lived in one city. Over the years there have been numerous, heinous crimes committed by both black and white people.

What's puzzling is that more often the not, the crimes committed by African-Americans are prosecuted to the full extent--with convictions almost always resulting in the death penalty. All the while, murder, rape and even mass-shootings committed by white offenders end up much differently. Rarely is the death penalty sought and when all is said and done, the white offender all too often ends up with a "not guilty by reason of insanity" or, in many cases; goes home to be with their family.

I want to explore this phenomenon, in my writing, through "crime-flipping."

In THEY CAN'T TAKE YOUR NAME, there is an innocent black man who is convicted of a crime that in real life a white person was found not guilty. My hope is that we'll start to see that something else is at work in our criminal justice system.